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Give bitty baby the purr-fect gift - a gebruiken snow white kitten that meows a merry greeting. Bitty baby's Winter Fun is a coloring book that comes with a set of four crayons. Bhs 24 Note: This outfit was re-released in 2001 with a matching dress for girls. Sailing Set Life's a breeze for Bitty baby in a ship-shape dress of seersucker chambray. It has a sailor collar tied with a red bow and comes with matching bloomers, blue deck shoes, and white anklet socks. Both Baby and bear have white pique sailor hats trimmed with red braid. Pull the string on the little sailboat and watch it glide across the water. The coloring book, bitty bear Sets sail, comes with a set of four markers! Bxs 24 Travel Set 1999- web archives Bitty baby joins the jet set in a cozy turquoise fleece jacket, hat, and scarf. Bitty bear has a scarf just like babys, too! To help the miles fly by, entertain them with a zoom-zoom car with a pop-up bear. Follow along in Bitty bear takes a trip, a foldout book with a mini map. Bus 24 Wild Things Set Dress Bitty baby for an animal-watching adventure in bib overalls, a long-sleeved shirt, shoes, socks, and sunglasses. There's a baseball cap for Bitty bear, a set of playful nesting penguins, and Bitty bear's zoo fun, a slide-and-peek book.

pears baby lotion

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Baby's galoshes are perfect for puddle jumping, and her wind-up duck quacks and does a breast crazy rain dance. When you're back inside, read Baby a pop-up book, bitty bear's rainy day fun. Brs 24 Released 1999 Circus Set 1999-jeanette Dress Bitty baby in her front-row best - a striped seersucker dress in cotton candy colors, matching bloomers, gingham shoes, and bow-trimmed headband. Bitty bear gets a gingham headband to wear and a pink balloon. Bitty bear's Big Top Fun is a pop-up book full of circus delights. Doll and bear, and elephant sold separately. Bks 24 Tiny the Elephant 1999-jeanette even Bitty bear gets into the act. Help her climb aboard Tiny, the circus elephant. Flip Tiny's switch to see a performance - and don't forget to bring the peanuts! Takes 2 aa batteries, not included. Bitty bear not included. Beph 14 Purple velveteen 1999/Winter Party2001: Bitty baby looks like a sugarplum princess in her luscious dress of purple velveteen, a festive hat trimmed with a bow, lavender tights, and shiny black shoes. Bitty bear has a matching purple neckbow!

pears baby lotion

headband and bow. For a magical surprise, dip the paintbrush in water and paint the pictures in Bitty bear Colors Eggs. Bes autumn Set Bitty baby's the apple of your eye in a velour swing top, plaid leggings, and yellow sneakers. Both Baby and bear have jaunty berets! Crank up the musical apple to play "Pop goes the weasel then read Bitty baby the touch-and-feel book, bitty bear Picks Apples. Bts -jeanette Crib1999 rainy day set 99 When Bitty baby plays in the rain, her sunny yellow slicker and rain hat keep her dry! Bitty bear has a rain hat, too.

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Use the pail and shovel to build sand castles, then color in Bitty bear's Summer Fun coloring book with a set of four crayons. Bas 22 1996 Gardening Set Spring is the time to sow seeds for klachten carrots, beets, and daisies! Dress Bitty baby in her gardening coverall, white socks, shoes, and shady straw hat. A sprinkling can is just what Baby needs to water the seeds. But watch out for weeds! Keep Bitty bear cool in her little straw hat, too. Color the pretty pictures in Bitty bears Spring Fun coloring book with a set of four crayons. Bss valentine set 97? What could be sweeter than Bitty baby in her cheery red dress embroidered with white hearts? A matching cap, white tights, and shiny red shoes complete her Valentine's day look. Bitty bear is extra lovable in a heart-trimmed vest. Color the tear-out cards in Bitty bear's Valentines book with four crayons, then seal the envelopes with stickers and put them in the mailbox!

pears baby lotion

Bitty baby's suitcase: This sturdy rattan suitcase has room for your favorite bitty baby outfits. It's lined with plaid gingham and has a pocket for accessories. Brc 30, note: in 1999 price increased. Stroller: With a stroller for Bitty baby, you can be a girl on the go! Tuck in Bitty bear, and you're ready for any adventure-around the block, to town, or wherever your heart takes you. When you're done, you can collapse the stroller for easy storage. Bst 18, released 1995 Happy birthday set Bitty baby's decked out in a charming party dress, bloomers, socks, pink shoes, and a flower-topped headband. Bitty bear has a fancy headband and collar. The wind-up cake plays "Happy birthday and there are more surprises in the pop-up book, bitty bear's Birthday. Bbs 24 1995 For Dress Up!: Includes pink t-strap shoes, red patent Mary jane shoes, two pairs of dainty dress socks for special occasions. Bssk beach Set Bitty baby keeps cool in a romper, sun hat, and sandals. Bitty bear has a sun hat, too!

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Both Baby and bear have sun hats! Play all day with six bright blocks and a book, bitty bear at Play. Little red Wagon, see the neighborhood sights with Bitty bear and Bitty baby bistro in tow. They love riding in this sturdy plastic wagon. Lullaby basket: Tuck bitty baby into this enchating beribboned basket. It comes complete with a fleecy blanket, sa soft mattress, a lace-trimmed pillow, a musical heart that plays a gentle lullaby, and Bitty bear's Bedtime book. Bls 68 1995, bitty baby carrier: Places to go? Make it a trio. Snuggle bitty baby close in this handy red denim carrier. No need to leave bear behind. There's a little pocket that's just her size. pears baby lotion

Yummy bitty o's and a jar of pretty pears- pretend, of course. Read about tasty removal treats in the scratch and sniff book, bitty bear's Tasty Treats. Bfds 20, thank you kit_Girl! Baby's booster Chair: Did you hear Bitty baby's tummy growl? It's time to eat. Sit Bitty baby and Bitty bear in the sturdy plastic chair. Slide on the removeable tray- a perfect place to put all their favorite treats right within reach. Bec 22, thank you kit_Girl! Fun in the sun Set, bitty baby loves to play outside! Dress her in a crisp white blouse, checked overalls, and white shoes and socks.

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Pretty up Bitty zonnebrand bear in a lacy bonnet, too. Bitty bear's Family Album features a mini mirror for primping. Doll and bear sold separately. Travel Adventure set: Off on a trip! Bundle up Bitty baby in her cozy knit sweater and bonnet trimmed with a taffeta bow. A knot bonnet keeps Bitty bear warm. There's a zoom-zoom car with a pop-up bear. Follow along in a bitty bear takes a trip, a fold-out book complete with a mini map. Bgs22, bitty Breakfast Set: Get Set for Breakfast by putting bitty bite bibs on Bitty baby and Bitty bear. Set their table with a spoon, cup, and bowl. What's on the menu?

pears baby lotion

We have done our best to identify the dates and years of release. Please enjoy the bitty baby collectors guide! 1995 need stock image. Christmas : All-over print of Bitty's favorite things like candy canes, stockings, trees and snowmen features a crisp white collar and trimmed with eyelet which has a christmas Tree cutout pattern. Accessories include a pair of red shoes, a red holly trimmed headband for baby, an embroidered bib for bitty bear, bitty's own stocking with her name and bells on it, a pair of festive red trimmed white socks, a holiday bitty bear coloring book and. Halloween: Bitty baby will be toasty warm dressed as her favorite friend in her bear costume with an orange gingham bow. Put all the treats she collects in her Jack-o-lantern pumpkin pail. Include a mask for Bitty bear to join in the fun! Colouring book and craoyons also included. Bfs 20, special Occasion Set, a grand event to attend? Dress up Bitty baby in dainty eyelet gown, and put on her bonnet with matching scalloped goji trim.

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Bitty baby outfits, our New Baby was not in any of the 1995 catalogs, however she finally re-appeard in the holiday catalog of 1995. She was then re-christened Bitty baby. Minor changes were made to the dolls. Eventually the beautiful blonde eyelashes that she originally had were changed to the black hard lashes that Bitty has today. Unlike our New baby, the bitty baby had added a new sister, the hispanic Bitty was born. Gone were the boy neck clothes and Bitty was no longer marketed to little boy but just to little girls. Bitty baby's 1st meet Outfit 1995. Over the years Bitty and all of her furnishings have undergone many changes. Like many other American Girl outfits, bitty recieved a new outfit, on average of every two years. I, with the help of many collectors, have compiled images and information for the last 2 years. Please understand that when outfits were released they were run through more them one catalog listed as a new release.

Pears baby lotion
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Scoop out the cores with a melon baller. Gently lower the pears into the pot. Cover the surface with a round of parchment paper. Cook the pears for about 10-15minutes. You may check if they are thoroughly cooked by gently sliding a paring knife through one of them.

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Set aside, away from the heat to cool slightly. Add the coconut milk to the chocolate and gently stir until smooth and well combined. In a medium pot, bring ginger, agave nectar and water to boil over high heat. Reduce the heat to medium and let simmer for about 5 minutes. Meanwhile, peel the pears and halve lengthwise.

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Alternatively you may sprinkle the bottom of the pears with. Nutiva hemp seeds, optional ingredients: Vanilla ice cream for those who wish. Method, for the chocolate sauce: Gently melt chocolate in the top of a double boiler until smooth. Remove from the heat. In a separate small pot, bring to a boil the coconut milk over medium heat.

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200 ml of Organic Coconut milk. Ingredients for the poached pears 6 ripe pears 4 tablespoons of Agave nectar or Honey if you prefer. Optional ingredients: a few raspberries; cloves or cinnamon sticks to present the dish.

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Pears, suppliers, all suppliersFashion Supplier, sort by -price: Lowest firstPrice: Highest firstProduct Name: A to zproduct Name: Z to ain stockReference: Lowest firstReference: Highest first. Show 1224 per page, previous 1 2, next, showing 1 - 12 of 22 items. Previous 1 2, next, showing 1 - 12 of 22 items. Ingredients for the Chocolate sauce 200 g of Green and Blacks Organic Dark cooking Chocolate roughly chopped.

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